Stained Glass Raggie

Retired Adults

Occasionally we will have adult Ragdolls available for adoption. These are either retired adults from my breeding program or rescues that are over a year old and are looking for loving homes. Cats listed here have been spayed/neutered, and are up to date on all vaccinations.

      If you are interested in one of the cats here please send me an email telling me a little bit about yourself and the cat you are interested in.

Horizon has been with us as a breeding girl for awhile and has earned her retirement. Horizon enjoys leading the house, her favorite thing is to lay with you on the couch and relax! She has given us many great babies over the years and we are going to miss her. However she deserves a home where she can be the center of attention and enjoy herself. She is nine years old and in great health. Conact us for information if you are interested in Horizon.


Our girl Peaches is looking for a new home where she can enjoy relaxing with her new owner. Peach likes spending time with her people and the occasional playtime, she also enjoys some lively conversation! Even though Peach is a senior cat she is very healthy and is expected to have several good years ahead of her. We are looking for a home where she can be the only pet and enjoy her retirement with a loving owner.