Stained Glass Raggie

The Queens of our Cattery


Quad Grand Champion
Sunny Shores Lady Horizon of Excalibur Cats
Seal Tortie Mitted
Miss Horizon takes after her daddy Lancelot in both looks and personality. She loves to meet new people and is eager to give out kisses to everyone she meets. When she isn't flopping over for affection she can be found tearing around the house playing at full speed.  Her babies inherit her fantastic body type and gorgeous features.

In the picture she is showing off one of her Best Cat rosettes. She became the best Ragdoll in the US and the 5th Best Cat in the Southeast region in the 2009-2010 ACFA show season.


Grand Champion Ragdoll Angels Gwynevere
of Excalibur Cats
Flame Colorpoint
Gwynevere is our flame girl and one of the sweetest cats we have known. She is always looking for love from us and is my snuggle buddy when its time to relax. Gwyn became a Grand Champion in the 2009-2010 show season. She has given us some beautiful kittens that all have her lovely personality and beautiful look. 

DollChateau Madamoiselle Etirer
Seal Bi-Color
Stretchie is very much the lady. When she isn't relaxing she loves to chase her kitty friends around the house. Stretchie is a great Mom to her kittens and we are looking forward to the babies she will have here.

Thank you to Denise for this lovely girl.

Grand Champion SunnyShores Persephone of Excalibur Cats
Seal Lynx Bi-Color
Percy is one of our new arrivals this year. She is bringing back the lynx trait to our program and will be showing this year. We are excited to have her as part of our family. She just has to look at us with her big blue eyes and we melt. Since she has retired from the show hall for now we are excited to see the babies she will have in the future.

Champion Excalibur Cats Lady Elektra
Seal Mitted
Elektra is the first of the next generation of our lines that we have kept with us. She has inherited the best of her parents' and grandparents' traits with her great confirmation and personality. Elektra loves to have her belly rubbed and chasing her mom, Horizon, around the house.